Rail Freight Rates Provides More Options Within Your Supply Chain’s Logistics

Rail freight rates and services including trucking is also known as intermodal shipping, which provides you with more options within your supply chain’s logistics. Shipping by rail can be a more cost-effective method to move your freight. Rail freight rates are a part of what ASAP Transport Solutions factors into your free quote. We have successfully helped shippers save thousands of dollars by transitioning their freight to intermodal.
ASAP Transport Solutions’ team of experts is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service and flexible solutions for shipping cars and freight of all kinds.  Our success is driven through providing cost-effective and timely shipping of products through intermodal (including rail freight rates), full truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL), flatbed, temperature controlled and bulk services. 
Increased Capacity
New regulations are limiting the number of operating hours that truck drivers can be on the road, which has created truck capacity issues for shippers all over the United States. The use of the railroad in intermodal shipping works around these capacity challenges.
Rail freight rates provides more chain logistics options with ASAP Transport Solutions.
Lower Cost
Intermodal transportation helps reduce freight costs on shipping lanes. On average, our customers are saving more than 30 percent by using intermodal shipping rather than the traditional over-the-road trucking method.
Shipping by rail can range in length from under 500 miles to coast-to-coast deliveries. ASAP Transport Solutions has plenty of options no matter how far your shipment needs to go.
Going Green
Intermodal shipping consumes less fuel and creates fewer emissions, so it’s an environmentally sound mode of transportation.
ASAP Transport Solutions’ vision is when customers need to ship, they always think of ASAP Transport Solutions as their shipping provider. Their mission is providing customers with the fastest and most convenient shipping solutions possible to get inventory moving faster than ever, allowing their businesses to grow and be more profitable.
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