Cost To Ship A Car

The Cost To Ship A Car Depends On A Few Factors

The cost to ship a car can vary depending on the time of year, vehicle size and weight, the car’s overall condition, the trailer type you choose to use, and the route your shipment will travel.

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The cost to ship a car is effected by many factors such as the type of trailer used as seen in the image

Things Affecting the Cost to Ship a Car

Route & Distance

Some routes are more expensive and time consuming than others. We know which routes are the best so we can manage costs and help control your bottom line.

Time of Year

It’s more difficult and expensive to move a car in 5-degree weather in Chicago than it is to move a car on a 90-degree day in Miami. It just is.

Vehicle Size & Type

Oversized vehicles need special equipment or driver expertise and that can impact the cost to ship a car.

The cost to ship a car can be effect by the origin and destination. Image is of multiple cars being hauled on a trailer.

Type of Trailer Used

An Open trailer is least expensive, but the auto(s) are exposed to road debris and weather. An Enclosed trailer protects the car(s) from the elements but is more expensive.

Orgin & Destination

Heavily traveled routes between cities (e.g. Dallas to Houston) are usually cheaper than less traveled routes (e.g. Boise to Minneapolis) because fewer carriers are available to go there.

Condition of the Auto

A car that won’t operate will need a winch to load, while an expensive new Porsche will need a more protective trailer. Special equipment will impact the cost to ship a car.

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