Car Shipping With ASAP Transport Solutions Is Always Done Professionally

Relocation and car shipping is a trying time for anyone. Not only are you uprooted from your previous home, but you are also suddenly inundated with things that have to be done immediately and done correctly. Finding a new home, transporting your possessions, setting up residence in a new town, they are all important actions and they can add to an already stressful situation.
One other thing that needs to be done is transporting your vehicles and car shipping, oftentimes thousands of miles across country. Your vehicles are, of course, very important possessions, and you want to make sure that the transportation of those vehicles is done in a professional manner. That is where ASAP Transport Shipping is here to help. With something as important as your vehicle, don’t you want to entrust the moving of that vehicle to a professional company that has built a reputation on professionalism and trustworthiness?
Car shipping is always done professionally with ASAP Transport Solutions.
There are many things to consider when shipping your car, and ASAP Transport Shipping is ready to help:
Check Insurance Coverage
Check your own insurance policy to see what coverage you have and ask ASAP Transport Shipping about its liability insurance coverage. Most reputable carriers will have $50,000 to $1,000,000 in coverage, but it doesn’t hurt to double check.
Leave Enough Time
Car shipping is not the same as shipping a package. They’re bulkier, more expensive, and slower moving. Domestic deliveries can take four weeks, while sending a car internationally can take up to eight weeks. You’ll need to plan well in advance to find a carrier like ASAP Transport Shipping and determine the timeframe required for loading and delivery. Unforeseen delays are common, so patience is crucial. If you won’t be waiting for it on the other side, make sure a trusted representative is available to receive the vehicle when it arrives.
Empty Your Vehicle but Leave Some Gas
Empty your vehicle before it’s loaded onto a carrier. Carrying extra items can compromise the shipment’s safety. Goods inside may become jarred and damaged; loose items can also impede a clear line of sight during the loading and unloading process.
ASAP Transport Shipping is always professional when car shipping. We are ready to help with your car shipping needs!
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