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What is an Open Automobile Transport service?

An open car transport works for any kind of vehicle and is the most popular method of transporting vehicles, and the most economical as well.  The term “Open” refers to the vehicle being shipped on a trailer that is not covered, so weather conditions should be a factor when determining your shipping method.

We have three main types of Open Car Carriers:

Double Level Multi-Car Carrier (6-10 cars hauler)

Single Level Car Carrier (3-4 car hauler)

Single-Vehicle Hotshot Carrier (1 car hauler)

The most popular one is the double level multi-car trailer. These types of carriers we see most often roaming the highways.

As economics and business 101 requires, transport must be efficient and economical, as well as convenient. The double level multi car carrier provides all that. Efficiency lies in that they can load from seven to ten cars at once and haul them to different locations. Most of these trailers are modern with fully hydraulic ramps. With a push of a button a loading ramp comes out of the back, sloped down to the ground level for smooth loading. With most double level or deck trailers, the top deck can come all the way to the ground which allows for fast and easy loading.

At loading and unloading the truck driver can drop the air out of the trailer to lower it a couple of inches. Most of the carriers use wheels straps, which are better than chain straps. Chains use rollers, just like the soft wheel straps, but they get hooked onto the bottom of the car and may cause frame damage. So, always make sure you do your proper inspection and look the bottom of the car if it was tight with chains.

Working and driving such a trailer requires some serious skills. Operating the trailer levels is something that requires training and experience to master. Drivers must learn how to leverage the weight distribution – they are allowed to a specific number of pounds on trailer axes (depending on trailer). They need to learn not only how to drive manual speed, but how to manage the tractor breaks and the trailer brakes. Drivers must track break pressure, air pressure, oil pressure and temperature.

How do I choose a car shipping company?

Before you choose to hire a company you should do your research and make sure they are licensed with the US Department of Transportation and insured.

When you book with ASAP Transport Solutions, we will be here to answer all questions and provide updates anytime you need information about your vehicle while it is in transit.  Feel free to contact us anytime for an update.

Contact us online or call (800) 757 1178 to get a quote.  Our team will be happy to answer all of your questions and assist you in booking your car transport service with ASAP Transport Solutions.

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